We are a trusted DICE/EA partner offering ranked Battlefield Bad Company 2 dedicated server hosting. All game servers are hosted using TCAdmin v2 game panel. 

Features Game Features

Stop/Start ServerStop/Start Server - Easily stop your server to install maps or mods
Automatic RestartAutomatic Restart - If your server crashes it automatically restarts itself 
Config EditorConfig Editor - Inbuilt config editor to save you having to download the file to your computer
Game StatisticsGame Statistics - View graphs of your server activity
1-Click Mod InstallEasy 1-Click Mod Install - Install PBBans streaming or E-Dom PB rules with 1-click

Further InformationFurther Information

Free TeamSpeak serverFree TeamSpeak voice server equal to game server slots
Free debranding on all serversFree debranding, pick your own server name
All servers are public as standardPublic servers as standard, add a password to make it private

Available Locations Locations

1. London (UK) flag London (UK)

Order Info Order info

Instant setup available Instant setup - Play on your server within minutes of ordering!

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